We Want To Know: What Makes You Stay In South Florida?

May 22, 2014

 South Florida is an expensive place. Thirty-eight percent of working households in Miami spend at least half of their income on housing, according to the Miami Herald and the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting. 

Combine that with rising gas prices, congested traffic and lack of job opportunities -- it makes us wonder: What makes you stay in South Florida?

Is it the tropical climate, the beaches, the pastelitos, or something more personal? What do you sacrifice -- financially or otherwise -- by living here?

WLRN and other NPR-member stations across the nation want to know what encourages you to stay where you are. But we also want to know what about South Florida makes you want to leave. Share a picture of what keeps you here, whether good or bad, on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIStay, as well as a caption explaining your reason. We'll compile the most captivating, thought-provoking images later this month. Here's one of our own photos: 

Wilson Sayre, WLRN reporter, says she stays for friends who have these views.
Credit Wilson Sayre