Weekend Rally In Miami To Push For Action On Climate Change

Sep 7, 2018

Climate change and equity will be in the spotlight Saturday evening at a rally in Miami's Bayfront Park.

More than a dozen local community groups are holding an event called "Miami Rising For Climate, Jobs and Justice." It's one of several hundred similar rallies scheduled worldwide.

The goal is to highlight how climate change disproportionately impacts low-income people who might not be able to protect their homes and livelihoods from sea-level rise, rising heat, hurricanes, wildfires and other worsening climate events. Organizers also want to push the world's governments to cut carbon emissions and use renewable energy.

The rallies are timed to coincide with a Global Climate Action Summit taking place next week in San Francisco. That event is intended to help local and state governments and climate organizations collaborate on responses to climate change despite the White House's reluctance to acknowledge the issue.

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The South Florida rally is scheduled for 4 to 8 p.m. in Bayfront Park on Biscayne Boulevard. The event will include speakers, live music, art exhibits and food trucks.