Weird Florida Visits Boca Chita Key and Finds.. Weird Stuff

Jun 25, 2012

All of the Coral stone structures on Boca Chita Key were built by Mark Honeywell, the wealthy industrialist who founded the Honeywell Corporation.

Carl Fisher, a wealthy entrepreneur, was often invited to social gatherings hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Honeywell on the island. Fisher would bring along his famous pet elephant, Rosy, also attended the party on one occasion. Rosy gained national fame for serving as President Herbert Hoover’s golf caddy when he came to Miami.

For many years the top wealthy industrialists of America annually gathered at Boca Chita to discuss business and banking, and to have a fun time.

The lighthouse was built in the thirties by Honeywell so he could spot the island when travelling across the Bay. The lighthouse was never officially allowed as a navigation aide because it “confused” other boaters.

Honeywell sold the island in the forties after his wife died as a result of an accident. One rumor claims Honeywell pushed his wife from the observation platform around the top of the lighthouse. Historians dispute the claim and say she died of an “accidental fall”–whether from the lighthouse or not is unknown.

Boca Chita Key is often confused in spelling and location with “Boca Chica Key,” which is the former Navy air station down near Key West.

In 2012, Charlie Carlson, after becoming uncontrollably weird, was placed in a rubber suit and–weighted down by a big metal tank—was thrown into the Boca Chita harbor.

…And finally a look at what is left of Charlie..