What Health Insurance Means To The Fire-Juggling Voter

Oct 5, 2012

Mark Riggs, 42, says the Sunset Celebration at Mallory
Square is an economic bellwether. "If the economy is not good we’re
the first ones hurt because no one has to tip us or pay us," he says.
Still, Riggs dared enough death (and implored enough onlookers) to
claim $60,000 last year.

Riggs isn't a fan of either candidate in 2012. He's leaning Obama, if
for no other reason consistency. "I just don’t want to change in the
middle of the race," he says, "unless they’ve got someone that just
blows him out of the water. And it's just too close."

Of all the issues facing Mark Riggs, there seemed to be one obvious
topic for the #FLDispatches project. This dispatch from Mallory
Square: talking health insurance with the fire juggler