What's Going On With Obamacare, Early Voting And The Miami Marlins

Nov 16, 2012

This week on The Florida Roundup:  Have state GOP leaders taken the election as a cue to change course? 

State lawmakers reconsider voting laws, as local officials also vow to get it right following Florida's latest election fiasco.  And after two years of doing all he can to stifle it, Governor Rick Scott announces he's ready to work with a freshly re-elected President to help implement the new healthcare law.  

State GOP leaders seem disinclined to let the federal government run the state's healthcare exchange, a state-based marketplace where people would shop for insurance coverage.  States must submit plans for how they plan to operate the healthcare exchanges by mid-December so Florida has little time.  

While there's consensus that Florida's handling of the elections was embarrassment, there's little agreement about who's to blame.  The state is reviewing the actions of local elections officials, while others blame state GOP lawmakers for the long ballot and the shortening of early voting hours.  With the news that Broward county recently discovered more than 1,000 ballots, there's plenty of blame to go around.  

The Marlins' purge of some of its top players has upset fans and local officials still fuming over what some viewed as a lopsided stadium deal between the team's owner and the city and county.
Credit Bob B. Brown

A task force, created after the killing of Trayvon Martin and charged with reviewing whether changes should be made to the Stand Your Ground law, has concluded that the law is fine as is.  Critics say that's not surprising since the group was primarily composed of Republicans who support the law, including two lawmakers who helped draft it.  

The Marlins’ latest fire sale has infuriated fans, and some local leaders are saying, "I told you so," about that new Miami baseball stadium.  We hear from you whether it’s time to reconsider the way taxpayer money is used to fund stadiums and urban development.

Phil Latzman is joined by journalists Guillermo Martinez of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Dara Kam of the Palm Beach Post, and Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald.