What's at stake for Trump

Nov 8, 2018

10pm FRONTLINE - a documentary series exploring news investigations into complex and often controversial subjects.  


TRUMP'S SHOWDOWN - FRONTLINE goes inside President Trump’s fight against the investigation of his campaign and whether he obstructed justice. With the threat of impeachment growing, this two-hour documentary traces Trump’s unprecedented war against the special counsel, the FBI, and even his own attorney general.

For months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — and President Donald Trump’s fury about it — have dominated the headlines. Now, in the weeks before the midterm elections, as the investigation ensnares powerful members of Trump’s inner circle and threatens the President himself, in FRONTLINE's Trump’s Showdown. The two-hour documentary traces the dramatic events that have led the White House and the nation to the brink of what could become a Constitutional crisis.

Trump’s Showdown methodically reveals how an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has grown to threaten Donald Trump’s presidency. The film draws on more than 60 in-depth interviews with former heads of U.S. intelligence agencies, Trump insiders, attorneys, authors and journalists.