When Zip Codes Become Poems

May 27, 2016

What is it

About this place


Sound and stories…

So salty.

That’s our ZipOde, a poetic ode to our zip code here at the studios in Miami: 33132.

Your zip determines the number of words in each line of the poem. So, for us, that’s three words, then three words, one word, three and two.

With our partner O, Miami poetry festival, we asked you to memorialize your own federally appointed numerical designation by writing ZipOdes.

More than 1,100 poems came in and they were a lot of fun to read.

Click below to hear a few contributors read their poems at an event hosted by the Kampong in Coconut Grove.

Here are some of our other favorites:


Family of 5.

Miles from home.

Call abuela every night.

We may miss our family there,

but that’s alright, because we’re OK here.


Between 95 and

Downtown, between the

Rush and the


Breathing room.

You can still tweet us your own Zip Ode using the hashtag #ZipOdes.