Why Vote? (When You Could Be On Miami Beach)

Mar 15, 2016

           It was 85 degrees and breezy with a spotless sky on Miami Beach Tuesday afternoon—not exactly weather to make you roll up your towel and head for the polls.  K’Teyah Dumoy, sprawled in the sand with family visiting from Canada, says she usually votes. But Tuesday? "It’s such a perfect day at the beach, so..."

Why isn't Caleb Ballou inside filling out a ballot? "Umm...." He paused before answering the question. "Spring break! So, I really have no time to hit up the polls," Ballou says. Reminded that he had until 7 p.m., Ballou and Dumoy both said they might try to vote after all.

But for Jason Harris, a registered Democrat, there’s just one outcome that would make voting a priority. "You know, if it’s a case where it comes down to a general election where I would have to vote so my good friend Mr. Trump doesn’t get into power, I definitely will." Harris says. "If Trump is not nominated, we have nothing to worry about."

Until then, he’ll be at the beach.