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Producing For WLRN


We thank you for bringing your ideas to WLRN. WLRN is very proud of its active role and mission to create high-quality original productions that inform, entertain and inspire our South Florida community. We have had the pleasure of working with many creative and resourceful local independent producers in gathering the untold stories of our community and sharing them not only locally but on a national level as well.

Programming Criteria

There are many factors that determine which projects we accept for broadcast, co-production, or national distribution. The submissions that have the best chance of success have content that is directly related to WLRN’s current programming mission and priorities, have experienced television producers working on them, and come fully funded. Other criteria that WLRN strongly considers are;

  • Does the content tell a South Florida story?
  • If so, does it also have state or national appeal?
  • Does the topic enrich our community and attract a wide and diverse audience?
  • Is there a need for this type of programming?
  • Is the program produced with high standards throughout all elements of the production, with a well-crafted story line, strong visuals and a clear purpose?

How does WLRN work with Independent Producers?

Proposals can be submitted to WLRN at any time throughout the year. Your project will be reviewed by WLRN’s Project Committee to ensure that it meets the standards of WLRN. The committee meets once a month. Once your program proposal is submitted, you will be contacted directly within four to six weeks. The station receives many submissions on a monthly basis with each requiring different needs and support. While each project is a little different, your project might fall into one of the following categories:

Submitting a Completed Program for Broadcast on WLRN

Submissions will be taken on DVD or by link, along with a short synopsis, key personnel biographies, complete list of funding sources, and any additional materials you feel may assist in the review of the program for potential broadcast on WLRN. You will be notified directly within four weeks of receipt of your program submission. If a program is accepted for broadcast on WLRN, then a license agreement is negotiated with the Independent Producer. In most cases due to our very limited resources, WLRN does not purchase programs from Independent Producers.

Submit your program to:

Adrienne Kennedy, Executive Producer
305-995-2256, Akennedy@wlrn.org
WLRN Public Radio & Television
172 N.E. 15th Street
Miami, Florida 33132

Submitting a Program Idea

Independent producers are welcome to submit story ideas to WLRN. With the station’s personnel and financial resources already committed to WLRN’s own mission-driven productions, we are not in a position to provide significant funding or to assist producers in seeking funding for their programs.

Submitting Programs for Co-Production/Collaboration

WLRN will work with producers at various stages in the production process, from development to broadcast presentation. Funding your project is unlikely however, based on review and approval of your rough cut and/or completed program, WLRN may provide a variety of specific in-kind services, such as providing camera and post-production editing equipment, broadcast promotion, and program distribution.

State and National Distribution

As a presenting station, WLRN can offer services to distribute your program both statewide and nationally. Our service will include providing assistance to the producer during the submission process with the distributor and support promotion to all PBS programming managers. WLRN works frequently with the following distributors; Florida Public Broadcasting Services, National Educational Telecommunications Association and American Public Television.

Letter of Support

WLRN will consider writing letters in support of selected independent projects to help producers in search of funding sources. The WLRN Project Committee will make this decision based on the review of program content, potential interest of WLRN audiences and evaluation of the producer’s background in producing and completing projects within budget and deadline.

Submission Process

Please fill in our PROGRAM SUBMISSION FORM and email it to:

Adrienne Kennedy, Special Projects Manager
172 N.E. 15th Street
Miami, Florida 33132

WLRN cannot be responsible for returning submitted tapes or other supporting documents. Please retain copies of all submitted items as they will be recycled or discarded upon completion of review.

Thank you for your interest in producing for WLRN Public Radio and Television.



Find downloadable PDFs below for program packaging formats for WLRN. Shows are taken in 30 or 60 minute packages.

30 Minute Guideline »

60 Minute Guideline »


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