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Even by Florida standards this election season has been unprecedented.

From the panhandle to the peninsula, the Sunshine State’s politics are
as hot as the weather. Trump vs. Clinton. The race for the U.S.
Senate. New political boundaries and familiar issues: the economy,
water, education, guns.

The last time someone was elected President of the United States
without winning Florida was 24 years ago. Since then, the state’s
population has grown by 50 percent. It’s economy has more than
doubled. And we’ve added a third NFL team.

 Each Friday from Sept. 9 through Nov. 11 between 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET, Decision Florida will bring the candidates, their political operatives and the top political journalists to discuss live the 2016 election and to hear from you, the Florida voter.

Decision Florida is a collaborative statewide effort by Florida's
public radio stations: WLRN, WJCTWUSF, WFSU, WQCS, WUFTWMFEWUWF and WGCU.


Miami Herald

Preliminary numbers show record participation in early voting in Florida. In fact, according to the latest figures from the Florida Department of State, close to 5.3 million residents of the state have already cast their ballots. Decision Florida looks at how electoral authorities are dealing with reports of irregularities and how Florida is getting ready for expected historic turnout on Nov. 8. 

Associated Press

This week on Decision Florida, hosts Matthew Peddie, from WMFE, and Tom Hudson, from WLRN, talk with former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who rejected the term "spoiler candidate."

Decision Florida: Is Your Vote Safe?

Oct 21, 2016
Associated Press

This week in Decision Florida, hosts Melissa Ross from WJCT and Tom Hudson from WLRN talk about voter access in light of the Donald Trump campaign's claims of a rigged election, how the November results will impact education in our state and the controversy around solar amendment 1.

With early voting starting on Monday October 24th, Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County, discuss the effects of extending the registration deadline one more week and how the County has been preparing for elections. 

Hillary Clinton is far outpacing Donald Trump by historic margins among likely Miami-Dade County voters, according to a new WLRN/Univision 23 poll released today.

A new WLRN/Univision 23 survey finds Hillary Clinton is viewed better among registered Miami-Dade County voters than she is nationwide and Donald Trump's efforts to appeal to black voters has fallen flat. It also shows Hispanic voters are divided regarding Clinton, but not regarding Trump.


Here are the results of the survey for president conducted in English and Spanish of 600 Miami-Dade County registered voters.

Kyle Holsten / WLRN

This week on Decision Florida, Melissa Ross from WJCT and Tom Hudson from WLRN talk about the gender gap in the presidential race and how could Donald Trump tapes impact races in our state. 



Miami Herald

Research has shown again and again that economic issues have the power to define elections. So this week on Decision Florida  hosts Matthew Peddie from WMFE and Tom Hudson from WLRN drill down into the economic concerns of Floridians as they face the 2016 election and how the presidential candidates are planning to address them.

Associated Press

This week on Decision Florida, hosts Melissa Ross, from WJCT, and Tom Hudson, from WLRN, discuss how the 2016 election can affect health care in Florida. 


But first, our hosts interview Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. In a tight race for the state, could she be the spoiler candidate for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?


Associated Press

This week on Decision Florida we talk about the sun, the sand and the water. Yes, really. Florida’s environment is one of our biggest assets -- and biggest political issues. From rising seas to water quality, septic tanks to solar power, John Davis from WGCU and Tom Hudson from WLRN host this week's discussion on how the 2016 elections can shape our environment.

Walter Michot / Miami Herald

In 2012, Florida’s election results were decided by less than one percent. In 2000, fewer than 600 votes separated the candidates.

Today, Florida remains a swing state, with an especially high number of registered independents.

One in four registered voters in the state don’t declare any political party, making it the fastest growing political class in Florida.

So, who exactly are Florida's swing voters?

Miami Herald

This week in Decision Florida, Scott Arceneaux, senior advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in Florida, and Susie Wiles, co-chair of Donald Trump Florida, discuss the approaches of both candidates to win the hearts and minds of voters in the swing state.

Here are some of the  highlights of the conversation: