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Monroe County School District

On this Wednesday, May 27, episode of Sundial:

Monroe County Public Schools

Monroe County Public Schools have created a task force that’s focused on reopening schools in the fall. So far the county has 104 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is significantly lower than other South Florida counties.

Daniel Rivero / WLRN

On this Tuesday, May 26, episode of Sundial:

Felons Voting Rights

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled on Sunday that the requirement by the state that all former felons must pay back all fines and fees before registering to vote was unconstitutional. As many as 800,000 felons across the state of Florida could be impacted by the ruling. The high profile court case has been followed across the country for the ramifications it could have on the November 2020 election — and beyond.

Miami International Airport

On this Thursday, May 21, episode of Sundial:

What Will Air Travel Look Like At MIA?

Airlines and major international airports across South Florida have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. There have been severe restrictions on international travel, and the number of people taking flights across the U.S. has significantly dropped.

Creative Commons

For high school seniors across South Florida, the usually memorable last few months of their final school year were cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic, as schools shut down their campuses.

Chris Cutro / Miami Herald

On this Tuesday, May 19, episode of Sundial:

What Does The Future Hold For The High School Graduating Class Of 2020?

High school seniors across South Florida are weeks away from graduating. But for many, post-graduation plans look a lot different because of the coronavirus pandemic.


On this Monday, May 18, episode of Sundial: 

Miami-Dade County Launches Phase One of Reopening


Miami-Dade and Broward counties joined the rest of the state in the first phase of reopening. Last week, Miami-Dade released a 176-page document entitled "The New Normal" which includes all the businesses that are allowed to open as well as the stringent guidelines they are required to follow. 


Restaurants can reopen at 50 percent of their capacity and must maintain six feet of social distancing between customers. Similar rules are in place at barbershops and retail stores.


On this Thursday, May 14, episode of Sundial:

What Will Palm Beach County Schools Look Like In The Fall?

Palm Beach County serves nearly 200,000 students in its public school system. And all of those students have had to adjust to distance learning since the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of schools across South Florida.


On this Wednesday, May 13, episode of Sundial: 

What Will Broward County Schools Look Like In The Fall?

Broward County Schools, like other school districts across the state, have transitioned to distance learning since the coronavirus pandemic began and school campuses closed.

Wilkine Brutus / WLRN

On this Tuesday, May 12, episode of Sundial: 

Palm Beach County Reopens

Palm Beach County is first in South Florida to reopen. At phase one of reopening, salons and barbershops took in appointments, restaurants started functioning at 25 percent capacity and some retail stores began letting in customers.

Jose A. Iglesias and Matias J. Ocner / Miami Herald

On this Monday, May 11, episode of Sundial: 

State Officials Stopped Releasing COVID-19 Death Data Compiled By Florida’s Medical Examiner

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that the death count for COVID-19, provided by state medical examiners, was 10 percent higher than the numbers provided by the Florida Department of Health. 


On this Thursday, May 7, episode of Sundial:


Congresswoman Donna Shalala on nursing homes and federal aid.


Florida has the second largest percentage of elderly people in the country and a large portion live in nursing homes and elder care facilities. The data over the past couple months show just how vulnerable the elderly are to this virus and how quickly COVID-19 can spread once it enters one of these facilities. 

Florida Keys News Bureau

On this Wednesday, May 6, episode of Sundial:

What would reopening look like in Miami-Dade County? 

The results of Miami-Dade County’s reopening of parks, marinas and golf courses have been mixed. 


On this Tuesday, May 5, episode of Sundial:

Will students return to school in the fall? 

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is developing plans for graduation, summer school and the new school year starting in the fall. 

Katie Lepri / WLRN

On this Monday, May 4, episode of Sundial:

Cruise industry woes. 

Hundreds of crew members on cruise ships remain out at sea, stuck in limbo for the past month. 

Miami Herald

On this Thursday, April 30, episode of Sundial:

Will Florida felons be able to vote in November? 

This week, a federal court started hearing arguments about Amendment 4, a bill that restores voting rights to most people with felony convictions after they complete "all terms of their sentence."