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Miami Herald / Miami Dolphins

On this Tuesday, Oct. 29, episode of Sundial: 

Miami Gardens To Host Formula One

Daniel Jayo / AP

Center-left candidate Alberto Fernández has been elected as Argentina’s new president in the hope he will restore the country’s economy. 

Fernández secured more than 45 percent of the vote needed to win and beat conservative outgoing president Mauricio Macri. Fernández ran as part of the Peronist party, which generally favors pro-worker policies. He's promising to rescue the country’s economy and improve the standard of living of residents through hire wages. 

Miami Herald

On this Monday, Oct. 28, episode of Sundial: 

The Keys Flooding

Stillwright Point, a low-lying neighborhood in Key Largo, has been experiencing intense street flooding since September. The warmer ocean temperature and high tides have forecasters expecting the neighborhood won't be dry until November. Rhonda Haag, Sustainability Director for Monroe County in the Florida Keys joins Sundial to discuss how the county will address the flooding in the coming weeks. 

Ron Wolek / Courtesy

Hundreds of people each year parade the streets of Fantasy Fest in Key West after having their naked bodies transformed into artwork through detailed body paint design. 

Oolite Arts / Courtesy

On this Thursday, Oct. 24, episode of Sundial: 

Scott Israel Gets Fired 

Former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has officially been removed from office. In a 25-15 vote on Wednesday, the Senate sided with Governor Ron DeSantis’ suspension of Israel’s for his response to shootings at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and in Parkland. WLRN’s Broward County reporter Caitie Switalski has been following the story and joins Sundial to talk about Israel’s future plans. 

Breast Cancer Awareness

Daniel A. Varela / MIAMI HERALD

On this Wednesday, Oct. 23, episode of Sundial: 

FIU Bridge Update

The National Traffic and Safety Board (NTSB) released new findings from their investigation of the Florida International University pedestrian footbridge collapse. They said the bridge’s design-build team and inspectors overlooked systemic failures in design, oversight and construction. Last year’s bridge collapse killed 6 people and injured 10. The Miami Herald’s investigative reporter Nicholas Nehamas has been following the story and joins Sundial for an update. 

Graphic by Alejandra Martinez

In Miami during the '90s, when kids would "quote their favorite television shows like the Simpsons," Haitian-American authors and sisters Maika and Maritza Moulite say they did not watch television — instead finding themselves uncovering different worlds and characters at the library. 

Miami Herald

On this Tuesday, Oct. 22, episode of Sundial: 

The Mooch Comes To South Florida


A public viewing and funeral service is scheduled Thursday for Re. Elijah Cummings. The Democratic congressman from Baltimore passed away last week from health complications at the age of 68.

Miami Herald

On the Monday, Oct. 21, episode of Sundial: 

South Florida Businessmen Campaign Violations

Island Syndicate / Courtesy

Are you a fan of Jamaican patties, Trinidad Doubles or Haitian pate kode? 

You can now take a trip to the islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, without leaving South Florida through the traveling exhibition “Caribbean Culinary Museum.” It’s curated by the South Florida creative agency Island Syndicate and it takes attendees through the culinary history of the Caribbean — spices and all. 

Island Syndicate / Courtesy

On the Wednesday, Oct. 9, episode of Sundial: 

New uses for dying malls

Sebastián Ballestas / Miami Herald

The fight over the future of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority just hit another roadblock. On Monday night, attorney's for the Florida Department of Transportation asked an appeals court to dismiss a constitutional challenge to a new law that would dissolve the MDX. 


On the Tuesday, Oct. 8, episode of Sundial: 

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez On Transportation 


On the Monday, Oct. 7, episode of Sundial:

Guardian Program

As of Oct. 1, Florida teachers can now carry guns inside the classroom through the "Guardian Program.” Miami-Dade County Public Schools has opted out of the program. Ana Ceballos, a reporter with the News Service of Florida, joined Sundial to talk about how the state is tracking schools that participate. 

Miami Herald/ El Nuevo Herald Form A Union