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Women's Foundation of Florida / Courtesy

In what some are calling the "Year of the Woman" in politics, Florida women are running for office in record numbers. More than 100 ran for local and statewide office in the state’s primaries and won.

Less than 24 hours after the primaries were decided, the fight for Florida’s top office has stirred up controversy.

After a hard-fought gubernatorial primary, on Tuesday Florida announced the two candidates that will compete to become governor: Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum on the Democratic side, and Congressman Ron DeSantis on the Republican side.

Mandel Public Library / Courtesy

After a hard-fought gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, Florida announced its two candidates running for the governor’s seat: On the Democratic side, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and on the Republican side, Congressman Ron DeSantis. Sundial talked to CBS Miami's Jim DeFede about the primary election and what the results mean going forward.

David Ovalle / Miami Herald

Violence and instability continue in Venezuela and many have left the country to escape a collapsing economy, seeking asylum overseas.  

Alejandra Martinez

South Florida residents are heading to the polls and casting their ballots for Primary Election Day. WLRN reporters are across the region covering the major races. Sundial checked in with reporters Jessica Bakeman, Kate Stein, Caiti Switalski and Daniel Rivero about the Gubernatorial candidates, the school board elections and the other key races voters will be deciding on Tuesday.


State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith of Orlando argues a new anti-bullying scholarship fails to protect LGBTQ victims.

Frantzy Moreau / Courtesy

Three people are dead and many were injured at a shooting on Sunday afternoon during a video game tournament at a public marketplace in Jacksonville. The shooting took place at the Jacksonville Landing, and the shooter was 24-year-old David Katz. He killed himself and is the lone suspect in the tragedy. WJCT Reporter Lindsey Kilbride has been following the investigation and joined Sundial to talk about the latest updates.

Chris Remington

A new independent record label in town will feature talented undiscovered South Florida musicians.

Sweat Records has been a space for music collectors in South Florida to find vinyl from their favorite independent artists and mainstream musicians for the past 13 years. On Sunday Aug. 26, the store embarks on a new adventure with the launch of its own record label: Sweat Records Records.


A recent Florida Atlantic University poll has Congressman Ron DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in a virtual tie in the race to be the Republican candidate for Florida's governor, but 22 percent of Republican voters remain undecided.

Alejandra Martinez

A Florida Atlantic University poll shows Congressman Ron DeSantis and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in a virtual tie, but there are still 22 percent of Republican voters who remain undecided. The University of Southern Florida’s Political Analyst and Professor, Susan A. MacManus joins Sundial to talk about both candidates.

Note: Both Republican candidates have declined repeated requests for interviews with Sundial.

Alejandra Martinez

Caroline Lewis has made it her life mission to amplify conversations around climate change. She founded the CLEO Institute in Miami in 2010 and has focused her efforts on educating the public.

Chris Remington

How can voters decide who to cast ballots for when they know little or nothing about the candidates? On Sundial, Rick Christie, Editor of the Editorial Page of The Palm Beach Post, and Rosemary O’Hara, Editorial Page Editor of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, discussed some of the least-known candidates on Florida ballots: judges.

Miami Herald

Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert has national ambitions for his city. He was recently named President of the African American Mayors Association and took part in the U.S. Conference of Mayors earlier this summer.

Gilbert says the key to improving race relations between police officers and the community starts with engaging youth. He supports the idea of community policing and opening police academies for kids to meet police officers.

“The way you address violence long term is by accessing it early,” Gilbert said.

Books and Books / Courtesy

Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert has sought to put his city on the national stage. He was recently named the President of the African American Mayors Association and took part in the U.S. Conference of Mayors earlier this summer. He advocated for the relocation of the Miami Dolphins training facility to Miami Gardens and is working to implement 5G wireless technology in his city. He joined Sundial to discuss his hopes for the city and the controversy surrounding the Miami Dolphins' facility.


As Florida prepares for primaries on Aug. 28, issues around voting security and fraud have been front and center. Earlier this month, Sen. Bill Nelson claimed Russian hackers had gained access to valuable data on state voters. And two weeks ago, a story broke about an 11-year-old hacking into a replica of Florida’s elections website.