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The Florida Roundup: Taking The "Affordable" Out Of The Affordable Care Act?


This week on the Florida Roundup, we're exploring why subsidies to help nearly a million Floridians buy health insurance are on shaky ground. Two district courts arrived at two opposing rulings this week over whether or not the federal government can legally help consumers buy insurance in states that don't run their own health care exchanges. 
Join guest host Christine DiMattei with a panel of journalists that includes Laura Wides-Muñoz of the AP, Mary Shedden of WUSF and Health News Florida, Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald, Alfonso Chardy of El Nuevo Herald and Jenny Staletovich of the Miami Herald, Wilson Sayre of WLRN and Sammy Mack of WLRN.
Some of the other news items affecting our region that the panel will address: 

  • A $23 billion award in a tobacco lawsuit and what it might mean for more anti-smoking lawsuits.
  • How Florida is dealing with a growing humanitarian crisis as thousands of immigrant children and teenagers flee their native countries and enter the United States illegally. 
  • Why Haitian leaders are courting Haitians in South Florida.
  • How sea-level rise and climate change are causing trouble from Miami Beach to Tallahassee.
  • Shuckers comes back and Jumbo's closes--a look at two iconic South Florida restaurants.

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