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At WLRN, we’re starting a new project: Palm Readers. No, we’re not psychics, but our team of reporters does want to help you answer questions you’ve been wondering about in Miami, Palm Beach, Broward or the Florida Keys.Because great journalism begins with a question. So what is it that you want to know about South Florida? The WLRN News team is curious and we know you are too. That’s why we’re asking you to participate in Palm Readers, our new public-powered journalism project. Help shape the stories you hear on the radio. Here are some of the questions we're investigating now:Why do chickens roam around freely in Key West?What's the deal with the scales at Publix?How can I accurately look at the vulnerability of a property that I am considering buying?Have one? Ask away. Loading...

What Palm Readers question should WLRN investigate next?

What question should we answer next?

A couple of weeks ago, WLRN launched a project called Palm Readers asking you to submit questions about South Florida that you'd like our newsroom to dig into.

We asked you for questions and you answered our call. Dozens of questions about South Florida's people, culture and landmarks were sent in and a handful of them are now under consideration. 

Now we want your help to decide which Palm Readers question we'll look into next. We narrowed the list down to three. (If your question didn't make it, don't sweat it, we'll have more voting rounds.) 

What happens next? You vote on your favorite!

The voting round will be open until 11:59 p.m. on April 25. After it ends, we'll tally up the votes and announce the winner. The question will be answered in a radio story by one of our reporters.