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Warmer Climate Is Making Flooding More Likely In South Florida. This Meteorologist Explains Why

Courtesy of @darnelmanes

On the first day of August, traces of Tropical Storm Emily brought heavy rains to Miami-Dade County during high tide bringing extreme flooding to certain areas, most notably in Miami Beach.

The city has spent half-a-billion dollars on flood management efforts including raising streets and installing a series of pumps to battle high water. But it wasn't designed to deal with so much water at once and the city's pumps lost power during last week's heavy onslaught. How well are these anti-flooding projects equipped to safeguard from unexpected meteorological events? 

NBC 6 chief meteorologist John Morales spoke with WLRN's Tom Hudson on The Florida Roundup to talk about the weather conditions that led to the deluge. 


*You can listen to the full program here

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