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Photographing Controversy, FPL Collecting More Fees, And The Arrival Of Yellow Ants

UF researcher identifies new invasive ant in Florida

Today in Sundial: Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is returning to Washington D.C. after receiving death threats for her recent kerfuffle with the White House. It was about two weeks ago when White House Chief of Staff John Kelly claimed that the congresswoman had bragged about getting money for a new FBI building in Miami-Dade. But, it turns out that was untrue. Sun Sentinel photographer Taimy Alvarez was at the 2015 event and videotaped the entire speech. The congresswoman never claimed to that which the White House was alleging. We'll hear from Alvarez about that now infamous day.

Florida Power and Light wants to collect $1.3 billion from its costumers for Hurricane Irma recovery. We'll talk to the state's Office of Public Counsel about how that might work and if it's just a part of doing business in Florida.

There is a new invasive species in Florida:  the Yellow Ant. It won't bite but it might cause homeowners and the agriculture industry a lot of headaches. We'll talk to the researcher who found it.

Luis Hernandez is an award-winning journalist and host whose career spans three decades in cities across the U.S. He’s the host of WLRN’s newest daily talk show, Sundial (Mon-Thu), and the news anchor every afternoon during All Things Considered.