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Palm Beach Readies For Presidential Arrival, Dickens On The Silver Screen, PR Students After Irma

Dan Stevens in "The Man Who Invented Christmas."

Today on Sundial: Palm Beach County prepares for the arrival of the president this week. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw discusses with us the community's preparatory measures for the visit and what residents need to expect.

Trump arrives at the start of the holiday season and the eve of the largest shopping weekend of the year. The presidential visit will cause some traffic rearrangements and delays, as well as certain restrictions.

Sherriff Bradshaw will be in charge of overseeing the protection of the president, his family and staff.

Out this week is a film based on a new take of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

Joining us in the studio is Bharat Nalluri, director of "The Man Who Invented Christmas," based on the book written by Florida International University faculty member and historian Les Standiford. 

The movie is a bio-depiction of how Charles Dickens, played by Dan Stevens, wrote the famed story that forever changed Christma season. 

The movie is set for release nationwide Wednesday, Nov. 22.

This year, Puerto Rico has endured a tumultuous hurricane season, weathering major storm systems like Irma and Maria.  

A large number of Puerto Ricans fled the island to come to the mainland in order to look for refuge and other opportunities. A considerable amount of Puerto Rican residents have arrived in Florida following the aftermath of the back-to-back hurricanes that destroyed the island. 

Many of those evacuees are students. Florida International Universtiy has taken some of those Puerto Rican students seeking to continue their education after the impact of the storms. Currently, a couple dozen students are taking classes in a mini-semester created due to their situation after Maria. Many more students have applied for the 2018 spring semester.

Today we'll hear from Ricardo Neco and Omar Jimenez, two students enrolled in the special mini-plan created for them.