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Robo-Calls, Exposing A Nazi War Criminal, And A New Song For Gun Violence Victims

Students hold "never again" signs during music video.

Late last year, Republican State Senator Denise Grimsley, who represents Florida’s 26th District, filed legislation that would allow telecommunication providers to block robo-calls. “The Florida Call-Blocking Act” will go into effect July 1.

Sen. Grimsley joined Sundial to talk about the dangers of robo-calls and where to sign up for the “Do Not Call List,” to prevent at least some of these calls. Listeners also told WLRN their own robo-call stories.

And Dutch journalist Hans Knoop exposed Peter Menten, the wealthiest and most notorious Nazi war criminal in the history of the Netherlands, more than 40 years ago. He talked to Sundial about Menten's atrocities and his new mini-drama series out of the Netherlands, titled https://youtu.be/6n1Ablc4LkQ">“The Menten Case.”

Cuban singer-songwriter Elsten Torres joined Sundial to talk about his new song, https://youtu.be/u-oNoUM2-o4">“Never Again,” written in response to the Parkland shooting. He collaborated with students from Guitars Over Guns, a local non-profit, and local high school student rapper Jakaree. The song continues to resonate after the Santa Fe shooting last week.

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