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Storms, Python Hunters, Mental Health App & Where’s My Bus?

South Florida Water Management District
Tom Rahill is a python hunter for the Python Elimination Program.

Jeff Huffman is Chief Meteorologist for the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network in Gainesville. He provides weather coverage to public radio stations throughout Florida. Huffman joined Sundial to provide a quick update on subtropical storm Alberto and a preview to hurricane season.

Michael Kirkland is the program director of the Python Elimination Program, a group of 25 python hunters hired by the South Florida Water Management District to eradicate the invasive species from the Everglades. Tom Rahill is a python hunter and volunteers his time at night to catch them. The Python Elimination Program recently captured their 1,000 python. Kirkland and Ranhill joined Sundial to discuss how the pythons are captured and how the Burmese Python has negatively affected Everglades ecosystem over the past several decades.

Azhar Chougle is the Director of the non-profit Transit- Alliance. The organization has recently launched a new campaign called “Where’s my Bus?,” in efforts to push for better public transportation solutions in Miami-Dade County. Chougle joins Sundial to talk about the data that has been collected throughout the campaign on bus readership, reliability and service cuts.

Samantha Pratt teaches at Holmes Elementary School. After hearing many stories of gun violence and tragedy from her students Pratt developed a mental health app called KlickEngage. Pratt joins Sundial to talk about the online application for students that will them express their emotional state each day with their teachers.

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