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Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Florida's Stand Your Ground Law & A Parade At Vizcaya

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Illuminated laterns will be floating in Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on Saturday.

The debate over bus or rail returns to Miami-Dade this month, when the county's Transportation Planning Organizationwill gather Aug. 30. Miami-Dade County  mayor Carlos Gimenez has been a proponent for rapid bus transit. On Sundial, Gimenez argues the bus system is a more cost-effective option for the county.

(We spoke with Democratic State Senator Kionee McGhee about the proposal on a previous segment, which is available here.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws are being tested. Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed in Clearwater, Florida, by Michael Drejka in a fight over a parking space. Florida was the first state to enact a "stand your ground" law, which says a person is allowed to use lethal force and has no duty to retreat if they believe they’re in danger. Harvard University Professor Caroline Light recently authored Stand Your Ground: America’s Love Affair with Lethal Self-Defense.She joined Sundial to give some perspective to the ongoing case.

And a unique parade at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardenswill display the museum’s storied relationship with the sea. Attendees can expect to see lanterns and massive art installations, created in a series of workshops provided by the Processional Arts Workshop (PAW). The celebration will emerge from the Vizcaya village and travel to the main house. Alex Khan, the co-director of PAW,  joined Sundial to discuss the museum’s history and the parade experience. For tickets click here.