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Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Sundial Book Club Panel & The Ellies Awards

In one week voters will decide who will be the next governor of Florida. How much do you know about the candidates and issues? Jeanette Nuñez, Speaker Pro Tempore in the Florida House of Representatives, is running alongside Republican congressman Ron DeSantis for Florida’s governorship. Nuñez joined Sundial to talk about the issue of safety following the shootings at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the role divisive political rhetoric is having on our culture and the key issues for the DeSantis campaign going into this election -- the economy, healthcare and red tide.


The Sundial book club’s October title is “The Veins of the Ocean” by Patricia Engel. The story follows Reina, a young woman who fights to protect her family from a series of horrific tragedies. For October’s panel of readers, Chantel Acevedo, Creative Writing Professor at the University of Miami; Nan Klingener, WLRN Reporter and Libia Casas, a member from the Sundial book club joined the show for an intimate discussion about the book’s take on criminal justice, immigration and family ties.

The Ellies, a $500,000 grant for visual artists in Miami by Art Center South Florida, recently announced its list of 44 winners. Among them is Lou Anne Colodny, a documentary photographer who was given $10,000 to complete, publish and distribute her new book, “Consumption Personified.” The book is a photographic documentation about Rafael Salazar, a Miami man who’s been collecting his garbage for 30 years and turned his home in Hialeah into an arts installation. Colodny joined Sundial to explain some of the history behind the Ellies and the story of Rafael Salazar.