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Election Day, Women Empower Expo & MacArthur Genius Award

MacArthur Foundation
Kelly Link is one of this year's "25 extraordinarily creative people" to win the 2018 MacArthur Grant Fellowship. She's joined by composers, mathematicians, and human-rights lawyers.

It’s Election Day!

South Florida residents are heading to the polls and casting their ballots for the next governor of the state, representatives in the U.S. Congress, among others, as well as weighing in on 105 possible ballot questions. WLRN reporters are across the region covering the major races. Sundial checked in with WLRN reporter Jessica Bakeman who is in Tallahassee, Florida covering the Gillum campaign, WMFE reporter Brendan Byrne, who is following the DeSantis campaign in Orlando, Florida and Caitie Switalski who is in Broward County following the agricultural commissioner race. They joined to talk key races Florida voters will be deciding on Tuesday.

The Women Empower Expo in Fort Lauderdale kicks off this weekend with a series of events focused on female entrepreneurship and women-led businesses. Palm Beach County native Alexa Carlin started the expo and has a powerful personal story -- she started her own company at 17, she overcame a rare infection at the age of 21 and is now working with women to develop their own businesses. She joined Sundial to talk about her journey.

A South Florida author was named a MacArthur Genius Grant Winner. Kelly Link grew up in Miami-Dade County and now lives in Northampton, MA. She won a $625,000 no-strings-attached gran. Fink will use some of the funds for an independent printing press that supports local writers. We talk to Fink about her inspiration in South Florida and her plans for the grant. She joined Sundial to talk about growing up in South Florida, her love for ghost stories and her future plans.