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Martin Luther King's Time In Miami, Sundial At Homestead Rodeo & Hialeah Facebook Series

"Hialeah" is a comedy sitcom series available on Facebook about Cuban Americans in Miami.

As Americans commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions to the nation, today on Sundial we reflect on the time the civil rights legend spent here in Miami, in particular at the Historic Hampton House.The Hampton House is a famous two-story Miami hotel known for hosting Malcolm X, Jim Brown and other iconic African Americans during the segregation era. Dr. Enid Pinkney, President and CEO of the Hampton House joined Sundial to talk about Martin Luther King’s time in Miami.

On Friday, the Sundial team headed to the Homestead Rodeo and spoke with a number of the people that make the event a reality. We talked to a rodeo clown, a rodeo announcer, a rodeo queen and a stock contractor to give listeners an inside look into the Homestead Rodeo as it celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Lastly, there's a new comedy sitcom series available only on Facebook called,“Hialeah.”It was shot entirely in Miami in only one week. It' s about a Jewish boy meeting his Latina girlfriend's parents for the first time after eloping. The Facebook show stars Melissa Carcache and Jordan Wall, both actors from South Florida. They joined Sundial along with director David Vargas to talk about the program and the significance of it being set in Miami.