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Friends Of The Everglades' New Director & A Convo With Widow Of Author Charles Willeford

Luis Hernandez
Betsy Willeford, widow of mystery author Charles Willeford, loves this black and white photo of her huband.

The environmental organization Friends of the Everglades recently merged with Bullsugar Alliance, a nonprofit working to improve Florida's water quality. It also welcomed a new director, Alexander Gillen. The environmental group was started 50 years ago by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a well known state figure and author of "The Everglades: River of Grass," and its mission has been to protect the state's wetlands. Gillen joined Sundial to talk about what the new partnership will mean for the future of the organization. 

This month the Sundial Book Club has been reading "Miami Blues" by Charles Willeford, a 1984 crime and mystery novel that takes place in Miami. The main character is Detective Hoke Moseley who awakes beaten up in Miami hotel after uncovering a case. Throughout the novel Moseley seeks to uncover who would have wanted him dead. "Miami Blues" is considered one of its era's most influential works of crime fiction and is part one of a three-part Hoke Mosely Series. Willeford's widow Betsy joined Sundial to talk about her late husband's writing style and some of his quirks.