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Protests Continue In Puerto Rico, New Mental Health Requirement In Schools & 'SMOKED' Podcast

Pedro Portal
Miami Herald
Ricky Martin, alongside Residente, Bad Bunny and other celebrities, joins with thousands of Puerto Ricans marching on Las Américas expressway calling for Gov. Ricardo "Ricky" Rosselló to resign following the leaked of private chats.";

Protests continue in Puerto Rico. People have been calling for the resignation of the island’s governor Ricardo Roselló after messages leaked between Roselló and 11 of his aides. The messages had profane and homophobic language and referenced other members of the government and even victims of Hurricane Maria. Sundial spoke with Miami Herald reporter Bianca Padró Ocasio who is on the island covering the ongoing protests. 

Last week, the Florida Board of Education announced a new requirement that students must receive at least five hours of mental health education beginning in sixth grade. The state's Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said the new rule would be “a life-saver” and that it is just the beginning for tackling the subject of mental health in schools. Sundial spoke with Ana Ceballos with the News Service of Florida who explained the reason behind the new requirement, and Valarie Berrin, operations director of the organization Health Information Project (HIP), which focuses on peer-to-peer counseling in schools.

A new podcast from the Miami Herald called SMOKED tells the story of Randy Lanier, a former Miami-based race car driver turned into a massive marijuana smuggler. The Herald’s Amy Driscoll and Alex Harris joined Sundial to talk about Lanier and what his story says about Florida’s changing relationship with marijuana over the past three decades.

Sherrilyn Cabrera is WLRN's PM newscast and digital producer.