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Bolivia’s President, Palm Beach County Hurricane Workers & Sundial Book Club

Juan Karita/AP
Bolivian President Evo Morales sings his national anthem in 2013 during the annual May Day march in La Paz.

On this Tuesday, Nov. 12, episode of Sundial: 

Bolivia’s Presidency

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales resigned on Sunday amid protests across the country alleging election fraud. The Organization of American States released an audit report that proved that the election computer system was used to tally votes in favor of Morales. Sundial speaks to WLRN’s Latin America correspondent Tim Padgett and Florida International University professor of Latin America political science Eduardo Gamarra about Bolivia’s recent election and future leader.

Palm Beach County Hurricane Workers 

A group of Palm Beach County employees were suspended for one week without pay for not reporting to work at evacuation centers during Hurricane Dorian. Some county employees have expressed concerns about job protocol if they choose to not report to duty during storms. Sun Sentinel reporter Brooke Baitinger joined Sundial to talk about how the county is responding.

Sundial Book Club

This month, WLRN’s Sundial Book Club is reading "Everything Inside" by Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat. The book is a collection of eight short stories that take place in Miami, New York City and Haiti. It tackles the themes of death, love and loss. Sundial speaks with Danticat about her writing process, why she decided to write short stories and how she views mortality. 

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