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Thanksgiving Stories And Eats, Plus Trump's South Florida 'Homecoming'

President Donald Trump held a rally with more than 10,000 supporters Tuesday at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

On Sundial for Wednesday, Nov. 27:

StoryCorps hosts The Great Thanksgiving Listen

StoryCorps, a national storytelling nonprofit, is hosting its annual project The Great Thanksgiving Listen. The initiative, which launched five years ago, asks young people to record conversations with an elder, mentor, friend or someone they admire using the StoryCorps App.

Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps, joins Sundial to explain how they collect the holiday tales. StoryCorps aims to record and share stories of people from all backgrounds. Since 2003, the program has collected thousands of conversations, now archived by the Library of Congress. You can hear excerpts from StoryCorps every Friday morning on NPR.


Trump rallies South Florida faithful

President Donald Trump rallied his South Florida supporters at the BB&T Center in Sunrise yesterday. The "homecoming" event marked the first family's decision to change their official residency from New York to Florida.

During his speech, Trump told supporters he wouldn’t allow the “radical left” to change the name of Thanksgiving. He also slammed the ongoing impeachment hearings. Hundreds of Democratic voters and activists staged a counter rally in a designated protest area.

WLRN reporters Catie Switalski and Danny Rivero were there and join Sundial to share their reporting.

Thanksgiving food panel

A group of South Florida chefs and food experts join Sundial to talk about Thanksgiving meals and traditions — from the traditional turkey and sweet potatoes to vegan alternatives.

The panel features Norman Van Aken, who owns multiple restaurants around South Florida and hosts the program “A Word on Food” on WLRN; Gretchen Schmidt, who explores South Florida food, stories and communities as editor of Edible South Florida; and Virginia Gil, who covers eating, drinking and going out in Miami as an editor of Time Out Miami

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