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Florida’s 6-week ban, campus protests, public funds for sports stadiums, and environmental news

The Jacksonville Jaguar released conceptual designs for the "Stadium of the Future,"
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jacksonville Jaguar released conceptual designs for the "Stadium of the Future," in June 2023.

Florida’s 6-week ban 

Florida’s six week abortion ban is now in effect.

Before this week, abortions were legal in Florida up to 15 weeks after the state supreme court ruled there was no abortion protection in the privacy clause of the state constitution, which had been the precedent for more than 30 years.

Campus protests 

This week, several arrests of protesters were on Florida’s university campuses during ongoing demonstrations against Israel’s war in Gaza. Ten people were arrested this week during a pro-Palestinian protest at the university of South Florida. Arrests were also made at demonstrations on campus at Florida State University and the University of Florida.


  • Zoey Thomas, university administration reporter for The Independent Florida Alligator. 

Public funds for sports stadiums  

There’s a massive proposal centered around a new stadium in St. Petersburg for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. In Jacksonville, the City Council is negotiating details around major renovations to the stadium where the NFL Jaguars play. Both projects have billion dollar price tags that could be in part footed by taxpayers.


  • Colleen Wright, St. Petersburg reporter for The Tampa Bay Times. 
  • Casmira Harrison, reporter for Jacksonville Today. 

Environmental news 

The State Department of Environmental Protection this week announced plans to allow Clearwater Land & Minerals LLC to drill for oil in the Apalachicola River floodplain.

41 Eastern Indigo snakes were released along the eastern bank of the Apalachicola River this week as part of an effort to restore Florida’s ecosystem.

The federal government is boosting efforts to protect Florida’s coral reef off the Atlantic coast. And another years-long reef rescue operationcontinues in what you may consider an unlikely place.

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