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The South Florida Roundup

Florida Roundup: President Obama's Historic Visit To Cuba

Tom Hudson
Sunrise at the Malecon in Cuba ahead of President Obama's historic visit.

President Obama is going to Cuba this weekend.

WLRN's Tom Hudson and Tim Padgett are there awaiting Obama's visit. What is the mood in Havana ahead of the historic trip? And they're looking at the changes that have occurred since the two nations started talking again.

Donald Trump looks like the Republican nominee in this presidential election, while Florida's Senator Marco Rubio is back in the halls of the senate, now that’s he no longer running for president. But, what do we make of his claim that he won’t return to politics after January?

Finally, reports are showing that radioactive particles are seeping into Biscayne Bay from the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant. Should the region worry about the impact to drinking water?

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