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The South Florida Roundup

The Florida Roundup: Zika Update, Clinton & Trump In Florida, Sen. Negron's Lake O Proposal

Logan Riely, TNS

  This week on The Florida Roundup

The number of confirmed locally transmitted Zika cases continued rising this week. As of Thursday, the count was up to 25, but the ‘Zika zone’ in Wynwood shrunk by a few blocks. The fight against the virus has sparked health worries, for sure, as it has also brought criticism that health officials and mosquito control efforts were caught flat-footed despite months of warnings.

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Also, Florida flexed its political muscle this week, seeing major campaign visits by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Meantime, in one of the most closely watched Congressional primaries, longtime incumbent -- and former chair of the Democratic Party -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz will debate her opponent, F-A-U law professor Tim Canova.

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Plus, the incoming leader of the Florida Senate -- Republican Joe Negron from Stuart -- endorsed a multi-billion dollar plan that environmentalists have been calling for: buy acres of sugar land south of Lake O in order to store polluted water before letting it flow through the Everglades instead of out to sea. 

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The South Florida Roundup
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