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For Palm Beach County Seniors, Stickball Is A Return To Childhood

Luis Hernandez

There's always something that can take us back to our childhood in an instant. It could be a toy, a song or maybe a game.

For many kids growing up in the early and mid-20th century on the streets of New York, or Boston or Philadelphia, that game was stickball. The streets, the parks and the alleyways became Yankee Stadium, or Fenway Park or Connie Mack Stadium. Stickball was as big as most major sports for kids in their early teens.

A group of men in Wellington, Palm Beach County, finds that same youth every week at Village Park. Most of them come from the different boroughs of New York. They play in the Palm Beach County Senior Stickball League.

Listen to their stories below.

Credit Luis Hernandez / WLRN
Stickball bats can be purchased in sports stores. Some guys go to Home Depot to make their own bats.

Mike Lupica, sports columnist for the New York Daily News, was on hand during the all-star game. He wrote about the way these men carry on history in their jovial spirit.

Ron Vernon, president of the league, says he's always looking for more players. He says anyone interested can call him at 561-909-8568 and ask for the Coney Island Kid.