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Sundial Book Club

  Welcome to the WLRN Sundial Book Club!

This group will focus on the stories and the characters that are uniquely South Florida. We want to highlight the authors who used to or still call South Florida home. Our goal is to find books that get readers excited, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, a well-known thriller, or an obscure history book, and have productive discussions that enrich our understanding of what it means to live in this part of the world.

Want to join us? Go to our Facebook Group

Have a suggestion for a book? You can email us

As with all clubs, we have some guidelines that we are going to ask you to adhere to.  

The WLRN Sundial Book Club will focus on books and stories with a South Florida flavor. In other words, the stories take place here and the characters that are uniquely South Florida.

Here’s how it works: We’ll select a book on the first Tuesday of every month and throughout the month, you can pretty much do anything, you can share your thoughts, pose questions about the book, and post links about related books and authors, but please: LEAVE THE SPOILERS TO US.

During that month you’ll hear an interview with the author. And you might be chosen to join our panel discussion about the book.

We invite you to tweet using the hashtag #SundialBookClub.

Our book club is NOT a place to:

  • Have conversations that are NOT related to Florida, books and reading.
  • Criticize other members of the group. (It is perfectly OK to disagree with another member’s opinion, but please do so respectfully.)
  • Promote your own personal work.
  • WLRN and WLRN Sundial are not endorsing any of these books, publishers or authors.
  • No solicitations to this site. If you are trying to sell us your book, this isn’t the place for you.
  • WLRN and WLRN Sundial is not associated with any other books clubs.
  • WLRN and WLRN Sundial reserve the right remove inappropriate and off-topic posts