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A Look At What The Results Mean For This Historic Election

PBS NewsHour

In a PBS NewsHour Special tonight, we look at the results, the pending lawsuits and what's in store for President-Elect Joe Biden.

Saturday November 7th, 8pm - PBS NewsHour Special - Election 2020

It's been a long road to victory for President-Elect Joe Biden who first sought the Democratic Nomination in 1988. Today he finally achieved his goal by defeating President Donald Trump after a lengthy and arduous election process. To break it all down for you, PBS NewsHour will broadcast a special tonight beginning at 8pm.

PBS NewsHour managing editor Judy Woodruff and a team of NewsHour correspondents and guests will examine the results and voter demographics from this year's historic general election; the potential legal battles ahead; and what the election results reveal about America today, our divisions and opportunities for unity.

The PBS NewsHour will also have coverage as President-Elect Joe Biden addresses the nation tonight.