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A Hard Look At America's Medical Supply Crisis

Frontline: America's Medical Supply Crisis

FRONTLINE investigates the fragmented global medical supply chain and its deadly consequences.

Friday 10pm - FRONTLINE – America’s Medical Supply Crisis - An investigation into why the United States was left scrambling for critical medical equipment as the coronavirus swept the country.

When the coronavirus hit the U.S., countless Americans were left unprotected amid a desperate shortage of personal protective equipment, or PPE. Why was the U.S. left scrambling for PPE and other critical medical supplies as COVID-19 first swept the country — and why do problems persist now, months into the crisis?

Over seven months of interviewing manufacturers and government officials, analyzing records and tracking key medical supplies, AP investigative reporters Martha Mendoza and Juliet Linderman, along with producer Peter Klein of the Global Reporting Centre and his team, found opportunities stretching across several presidential administrations where that failure might have been prevented.