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The Fabulous Phyrne Fisher Is Back Fighting Crime With Her Pearl Handled Pistol

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Phryne Fisher is back with her pearl handled pistol and dagger sharp wit fighting crime in 1920’s Melbourne.


Glamorous sleuth, Phryne Fisher makes her way through the city's alleyways and jazz clubs to fight crime as part of a larger mission -- making sure that Murdoch Foyle, who she believes is responsible for the disappearance of her younger sister, stays behind bars.

In this episode Death Defying Acts, a magician's trick goes horribly wrong and Jack and Phryne's inquiry reveals a past murder.

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A sabotaged guillotine leaves a magician's assistant dead onstage and the magician confessing to murder--not of his assistant, but of his wife 10 years earlier. Phryne enters a world of deception and illusion and decides that to solve the crime, she needs to get in on the act. Meanwhile, her ne'er-do-well father arrives from England and interferes with the relationship between her and Jack Robinson.


  • HISTORICAL ACCURATE - This period drama takes place in the exotic 1920s in Melbourne, Australia. The show recreates historic Melbourne in an authentic way, not just with clothing and accessories but with historic locations and period-relevant issues.
  • A REALLY TOUGH TOWN - Melbourne was prosperous city in the 19th century, but after World War I times were tough. The gold rush was over and the median income had plunged. The upscale neighborhoods were partly replaced by workhouses, slums, and shantytowns. The portrayal of Melbourne as a tough town in the 1920's is a realistic one.
  • EARLY INTERNET - Radio and telephones were popular ways to connect with the outside world before WiFi and cable television. Strange rumors were still circulating about these strange devices, like the bizarre superstition about electricity and telephones that Dot explains to Phryne. The characters on Miss Fisher's Mysteries also refer to radio as "the wireless."Residents of Melbourne already had radios in their homes, at least the ones that had upgraded to electricity, so that wasn't new. What was new in Melbourne was a local radio station, which launched in 1920.