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Mysteries Most Definitely

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These obsessive sleuths will stop at nothing to solve a crime. Vera delves deep into the underworld of organized crime while writer Agatha Christie decides to solve a real-murder.

8pm Friday VERA – Crime Drama
DCI Vera Stanhope and her team face a series of captivating murder mysteries set against the breathtaking Northumberland landscape.

BLOOD WILL TELL - Vera investigates the case of murdered entrepreneur Freddie Gill. As she delves in the case, Vera must uncover whether the motive behind Freddie's death comes from the trouble at the heart of his family, desperate financial crises, or his glances with organized crime.

VERA 1001

DCI Vera Stanhope must unravel the circumstances of self-styled entrepreneur Freddie Gill's death when bailiffs, attempting to repossess his house, find his body. Freddie is estranged from his wife and son, who have returned to live with her formidable mother Tina, her volatile brother Lee and her taciturn uncle Darren at the family's beloved pub. Freddie's legacy of unpaid debts and ruined lives leaves no shortage of suspects.


Join the crime writer as she investigates the murder of Florence Nightingale’s goddaughter, during her 11-day disappearance in 1926. Christie’s involvement in the case influenced her later work.

Agatha and the Truth of Murder

In 1926, with her writing in crisis and her personal life in tatters, a young Agatha Christie decides to solve a real-life murder. When the goddaughter and namesake of Florence Nightingale is found murdered on a train with horrific head injuries, the victim's partner of 26 years appeals to Agatha to help solve the case.