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Rally The Troops! STORIES OF CONFLICT Returns To WLRN-TV

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Our prime time lineup features Stories of Conflict. Witness the events that led to Hitler's rise to power and the engineering secrets that sparked a technological revolution.

8pm Thursday RISE OF THE NAZIS – History/Military
A look at how Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power in Germany during the 1930s. It is a powerful and resonant portrait of the greed, manipulation and frightening underestimation of Adolf Hitler's ambition.

Rise of the Nazis Thursdays on WLRN

POLITICS - Learn the chain of events that propels Hitler from the fringes to the heart of the government. After leading a failed coup in 1923, he turns the Nazis into a legitimate, mainstream party and plots to overthrow Germany’s political elite.

9pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS – History/Military
Uncover the engineering secrets that sparked a revolution that changed warfare forever.

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In the quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history; tanks as big as battleships, super guns blasting shells the weight of an SUV and rocket domes capable of smashing whole cities. They're all part of Hitler's plan to control a nation, conquer a continent and win the war.

Nazi Mega Weapons follows a group of experts on a dark journey through Europe's mountains, forests and beaches to uncover engineering secrets that have lain hidden for decades and the stories of the men that designed them.

Nazi MegaWeapons 101

ATLANTIC WALL To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion, Hitler demanded the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometers from France in the south to Norway in the north. This is the story of how this vast engineering project sucked in huge quantities of raw materials and men from all over the Third Reich and faced its ultimate test on D-Day.

10pm KOREA: THE NEVER-ENDING WAR - History/Military
Shedding new light on a geopolitical hot spot, the film confronts the myth of the “Forgotten War,” documenting the post-1953 conflict and global consequences.


Korea: The Never-Ending War focuses on the global upheaval that led to the Korean War in 1950, a moment when the Cold War turned hot, and how today that war's brutal legacy has forced the world into a deadly nuclear showdown.

Korea: The Never-Ending War