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The Story of The Battleship Yamato, The Most Powerful Ship In World War II History

Yamato was the lead ship of her class of battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy shortly before World War II.

9pm WORLD WAR II MEGA WEAPONS - History - This series unveils the engineering secrets of various iconic megastructures that went on to spark a technological revolution, ultimately changing warfare forever.

The Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware in history. Adolf Hitler hired men like Wernher von Braun, Ferdinand Porsche and Alfred Krupp to build huge terror machines, high-tech superguns and weapons of mass destruction.

World War II Mega Weapons - Battleship Yamato

BATTLESHIP YAMATO - In 1934 the Japanese begin designing The Yamato, the most powerful battleship in history. Japan is determined to retain control in the Pacific so builds a ship 30 percent larger than anything their enemies have. Constructed in absolute secrecy, the Japanese go to extraordinary lengths to ensure no detail is revealed.

10pm D-DAY LAST WORDS - History - The story of World War II's Allied D-Day invasion of German-occupied French Normandy June 6, 1944, is told through the recollections of veterans.

6 June 1944. Canada, Britain and the US storm the Normandy coast to wrestle back Europe from Nazi control. The soldiers call it The Longest Day. We call it D-Day. This unflinching documentary tells the story of the historic battle through the dramatic recollections of those caught up in the action.

Episode 1 - D-Day: Last Words gives a 360-degree view of the invasion - from a British sailor who laid underwater charges that would blow up German defenses, to Canadians, Americans, French resistance fighters and German defenders.

10:30pm Episode 2 - Viewers continue to be plunged into the heat of battle with moving interviews combined with newly discovered footage and dramatic reconstructions in part two of this unflinching documentary.

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