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The American Arctic, Home To Survivors of The Ice Age

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In Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a great migration unfolds.

8pm Sunday NATURE - Documentary

THE AMERICAN ARCTIC - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska has long protected survivors of the Ice Age, but this frozen fortress is melting due to climate change. For the caribou, musk oxen, polar bears and Arctic foxes, the Ice Age is slipping away.

Nature 4010 American Arctic

Vast, wild and remote, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is where some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles unfold. Situated in the northeast corner of Alaska, this refuge has long-protected survivors of the Ice Age that still roam a frozen wilderness. The Porcupine caribou herd traverses all of it on the longest land-animal migration on Earth, witnessing extraordinary wildlife moments along the way. Climate change is causing this icy fortress to melt. The Ice Age is coming to an end for caribou, musk oxen, polar bears, and Arctic foxes.

9pm NOVA - Science


THE CANNABIS QUESTION - As more U.S. states move toward legalizing cannabis, NOVA reports on the latest science investigating the plant and its medical benefits, it's risks, and explores the decades of criminalization disproportionately targeting communities of color.

NOVA 4811 The Cannabis Question

Cannabis is growing into a multi-billion-dollar industry as it moves out of the shadow of the illicit market and into newly legalized mainstream commerce. Increasingly eaten, dabbed, vaped, and smoked, cannabis is on the rise and our nation is at a crossroads. The long-demonized plant has been decriminalized in over 30 states, legalized in many, and is frequently marketed as a medicine. Fifty-five million Americans say they currently use it, and yet there’s been surprisingly little scientific investigation of the plant in the U.S.

This film presents a timely look at what we know about the potential benefits and risks of cannabis use, while also examining how the plant has been weaponized against marginalized communities, causing irreparable harm.