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How Far Would You Go To Save A Loved One?

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BEFORE WE DIE is a new suspenseful crime thriller that joins our Friday night crime wave of entertainment. In this nail biting series, an investigator faces impossible choices in a murky world where loyalties are tested and lines are blurred.

9:30pm Friday BEFORE WE DIE – Crime Thriller
Detective Hannah Laing persuades a confidential informant to help solve her lover’s murder.

Determined to solve her lover’s murder, Detective Hannah Laing persuades a confidential contact to help her. But when Hannah discovers the informant’s identity, she realizes there is far more at stake than bringing the killers to justice.

Before We Die S1

When Detective Inspector Hannah Laing kisses her married lover Sean Hardacre goodbye one morning, little did she imagine it will be the last time she sees her fellow detective alive. But Sean goes missing and his brutalized corpse is recovered the following day. Determined to find whoever is responsible for killing him, Hannah accesses one of Sean’s confidential contacts and persuades ‘Issy’ to help her unpick the tangled threads of Sean’s investigation into a Croatian family, the Mimicas, who are using their restaurant to launder drug money. The more Hannah digs into the Mimicas, the more their closeness as a family provides a painful contrast to her fractured relationship with her own son, Christian.

Forced to operate undercover for fear of a criminal informer at Police HQ, Hannah and her skeptical new partner, Billy Murdoch, uncover a daring plot by the Mimicas to smuggle an enormous quantity of cocaine into the country. When Hannah also discovers Issy’s identity, however, she quickly realizes there is far more at stake than bringing Sean’s killers to justice.

Before We Die is a nail biting crime thriller, full of heart-stopping jeopardy and unpredictable twists. It is adapted from the hit Swedish series of the same name and stars Lesley Sharp as Hannah, Patrick Gibson as her son Christian, Vince Regan as Billy and Croatian actor, Tony Gojanovic, as Davor, the boss of the Mimica crime family.