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Close Encounters With Awe-Inspiring Creatures

Expedition with Steve Backshall

Wildlife Explorer Steve Backshall experiences close encounters with awe-inspiring and fear inducing creatures.

8pm Sunday EXPEDITION WITH STEVE BACKSHALL: Unpacked - Nature/Science

Explorer and naturalist Steve Backshall pursued incredible journeys and world firsts — unclimbed peaks, unexplored cave systems and uncharted landscapes — setting foot where no human had been before. Each of the 10 adventures was filled with wonder and danger in equal measure for Backshall and his team. In this series, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how these epic adventures were filmed and brought to the screen.

Expedition with Steve Backshall S2

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Experience close encounters with extraordinary wildlife, including the world’s largest land predator, as well as with nature herself, when Backshall and team explore the flooded caves of Mexico and the sheer cliffs of Oman.

9pm NOVA - Ocean Invaders - Science
Marine biologist Danni Washington studies how lionfish have invaded the Atlantic and wreaked havoc, and what can be done about it.


NOVA “Ocean Invaders” explores the fascinating rise of invasive species in a globalized world where human activity has become an increasingly powerful evolutionary force. It dives deep into understanding one massively destructive species that has taken our oceans by storm — the lionfish. Native to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans and long prized in home aquariums, lionfish have invaded the Atlantic, and are now one of the ocean’s most successful invasive species, wreaking havoc in waters across the globe.