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Looking For Queen Bee

Charlie Bee Company is docu-follow series about a quirky Texas beekeeper who rescues honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations; with each painful sting, raising awareness for our planet’s most important pollinator.

8pm Sunday CHARLIE BEE COMPANY - Nature Reality Series - Charlie captures nuisance honey bees from walls and trees and takes them to a rural “bee-hab” for a little rehabilitation. He then leases bees for agricultural tax valuation on ranch properties all across the area. Charlie also teaches a beginner beekeeper course at his apiary in New Braunfels and all are welcome, and he consults with beekeepers on a case-by-case basis. The byproduct of all this bee work is of course golden delicious Texas Hill Honey Charlie likes to call “Liquid Sunshine.”

Charlie Bee Company

QUEEN ME - Charlie takes the city of San Antonio by storm, removing bees from a derelict jet engine, rehabbing a hive at the fabled San Antonio Zoo, and getting into the art of raising, then re-queening colonies. Charlie takes on an eager 5-year-old apprentice beekeeper for a big removal out on an old Texas ranch, then squeaks by a hive inspection by the official state apiary inspector.


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