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New Discoveries Reveal Ice Age Societies That Lived In The Amazon

Breathtaking finds reveal ancient civilizations lived and flourished in the Amazon.

Sunday 9pm NOVA – Ancient Builders of The Amazon
Discoveries reveal traces of ancient civilizations that flourished for centuries with prehistoric populations in the Amazon.

NOVA Ancient Builders of the Amazon

Recent discoveries in archaeology are exploding the myth of the Amazon as a primeval wilderness, revealing traces of ancient civilizations that flourished for centuries, with populations numbering in the millions.

10pm SEARCHING: OUR QUEST FOR MEANING IN THE AGE OF SCIENCE - Physicist and best-selling author Alan Lightman investigates how key findings of modern science help us find our bearings in the cosmos.

"Searching" explores the human questions raised by today’s science: Where do we fit in the scheme of things? How can consciousness, music, even love arise from atoms and molecules? What human qualities will we retain as we become part machine? Renowned physicist Alan Lightman questions scientists at research labs, as well as philosophers and faith leaders.

Alan attempts to reconcile transcendent experiences with the material world of atoms and molecules.

Searching: Our Quest For Meaning In The Age of Science 101

"The Stars & The Osprey" begins with Lightman's late-night experience alone on the ocean when he felt connected to the stars and ends with a memorable eye-to-eye encounter with a wild creature. Alan attempts to reconcile these transcendent experiences with the material world of atoms and molecules. Can science explain such experiences in terms of the brain? Are we humans nothing but matter?


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