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A Good Priest, An Even Better Detective

Father Brown’s mild-mannered behavior and compassion help him see into the hearts of people on both sides of the law, while his playful wit and razor-sharp mind catch thieves and murderers off guard.

8pm Saturday FATHER BROWN Crime Drama
The Wrong Shape - A poet hangs himself in his locked conservatory. Father Brown thinks that it was not a suicide, but a murder.

Soon after his poetry recital, Leonard Quinton is found hanging in the conservatory. When Father Brown realizes that he could not have committed suicide, the search begins for a murderer.

Poet Leonard Quinton invites Father Brown to the house where he lives with his long-suffering wife Martha and young mistress Violet. His spiritual adviser, Umesh has told Leonard he will soon die, and he wants the priest to look after Martha. Shortly after Violet threatened him for not leaving Martha for her, Leonard is found hanged and Umesh, his sole heir, is arrested. Martha tells Father Brown she and Leonard had a baby, born disfigured, who died and they buried in the garden, the event which she believes drove them apart. Martha's admirer Harris then admits to killing Leonard Quinton - though Father Brown knows better.

9pm Saturday LITTLE MAN TATE (1991) PG Drama starring Jodie Foster; Dianne Wiest; Adam Hann-Byrd.
A single mother raises a child prodigy on her own, struggling to give him every opportunity he needs to express his gift.

Little Man Tate


Fred Tate (Adam Hann-Byrd) is a 7-year-old with a genius IQ. Single mother Dede (Jodie Foster) worries Fred might have an easier time fitting in around other child prodigies. Despite reservations, she allows Fred to go to a smart summer camp run by child psychologist Jane Grierson (Dianne Wiest), a former child prodigy. Fred's studies advance, but, as he prepares for a national TV competition, he is torn between following through with his advanced education or building a normal life.


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