Bruno Rodriguez

Minrex de Cuba

Two weeks ago a lone gunman shot up the exterior of the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. Now the Cuban government accuses the U.S. of not investigating what it calls a terrorist act.

Andrew Harnik / AP

These aren’t the best of times for Cuba. The COVID-19 crisis has deepened the communist island’s crippling economic shortages. And now, a gunman shot up the outside of Cuba’s embassy in Washington early Thursday morning.


Cuba has confirmed only four cases of the new coronavirus. But the island is about to get at least five more cases – temporarily. 

Mark Lennihan / AP

Are U.S.-Cuba relations on the brink? They’ve been in decline under President Donald Trump. But the two governments are now raising the angry rhetoric to levels not seen since before they restored diplomatic ties four years ago.

Courtsey Carla Leon

Before Hurricane Irma ravaged Cuba’s north coast last month, Carla León’s private business – renting her family’s three-bedroom house in Havana through Airbnb – had already begun losing customers thanks to another force of nature: Donald Trump.