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In the late 19th century, Key West was home to a large community of Cuban exiles. Poet and revolutionary leader José Martí visited the island several times to unite exile factions. On Monday, Marti made a return visit of sorts.

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Cuba's president says a tornado in eastern Havana has killed three people and injured 174 others.

The Cuban capital was battered late Sunday and early Monday by powerful winds and heavy rains. A blackout hit many Havana neighborhoods around 9 p.m.

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HAVANA -- President Donald Trump's Cuba policy is driving millions of dollars from the island's private entrepreneurs to its state-run tourism sector, the opposite of its supposed goal, according to new government figures.

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Leonys Martín was the first Cuban baseball player Paul Minoff ever represented. Minoff, an attorney with GrayRobinson in Fort Lauderdale, was astonished by the scary stories Martín told him about being smuggled out of communist Cuba by human traffickers.

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President Trump has said Cuban voters won Florida for him in 2016 because he promised to roll back normalized relations with communist Cuba begun by his predecessor, Barack Obama. A new FIU poll looked at whether Miami Cubans are really that conservative today. The answer is yes and no. But mostly no.


Vacations on the Maya Riviera. A visit to the Basilica of the Sacred Family in Barcelona. A BMW. Expensive meals and a tour aboard a yacht. Those are some of the photos shared by Tony Castro, grandson of the late Fidel Castro, on his private Instagram account.

It may seem like just another young man sharing his good times with more than 1,000 followers, but some who got a peek at the privileged lifestyle questioned who’s paying for the expensive excursions. Tony, who is in his early 20s, is only known to work as a male model.

Cuban-born performance artist Tania Bruguera has a major exhibit at the Tate Modern in London, but during her visit home to Havana last month, Cuban authorities didn't exactly roll out a red carpet for her.

"The police came and they took me and had me for five hours inside a car. They asked me to put my head down, between my legs and to close my eyes so I didn't see where I was going," explains Bruguera. 

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Last month Major League Baseball and communist Cuba agreed to let Cubans play pro ball in the U.S. – without having to defect. But now the Trump Administration – and especially Florida Senator Marco Rubio – are saying: not so fast.

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Immigrant caravans – and family separation. Venezuela and Nicaragua rocked by refugee and human rights crises. Someone not named Castro becoming president of Cuba; Brazil and Mexico electing populists as presidents – one of them with a big reputation for sexism. But women surging big at the polls, too.


Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association reached a historic agreement Wednesday with the Cuban Baseball Federation.

The agreement, which MLB owners voted on Wednesday afternoon, is designed to give Cuban players an alternative to a journey that often takes them to third countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic or Haiti where they establish residency and then try to sign MLB contracts.

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For months now it looked like Cuba’s new constitution would approve same-sex marriage on the communist island. That measure now seems to have unraveled.

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Cuba’s economy barely grew at all this year. Officials this week say the communist island will probably show the same dismal performance next year. And the one thing that is growing in Cuba are shortages.

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Ever since U.S. diplomats in Havana, Cuba, began complaining of mysterious illnesses two years ago, scientists have struggled to identify the cause. Doctors at the University of Miami released their own report on Wednesday – and it shows they’re still struggling.

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The big news from Cuba this week was that the communist government is allowing people more Internet access. Another official move may help them actually afford it.

Cuba's state telephone company will allow mobile phone customers to use the Internet via a new 3G network, starting on Thursday. But as with previous tech advances in the island nation, only those who can afford it will be able to take advantage of the access — which remains under the control of the autocratic government.