Doc Martin

Clunatics, here is everything you ever wanted to know about Doc Martin.

Season 7 spoilers and behind the scenes gossip.

Wednesday 8pm DOC MARTIN: Blade on the Feather - Comedy/ Drama - Excitment is brewing in Portwenn as the annual rowing race begins; Louisa makes a big purchase and get the smelling salts, the Doc faints! 

Wednesday 8pm DOC MARTIN: Accidental Hero - Comedy/drama - From teething to outright biting will Doc Martin and Louisa ever get a respite from their baby's manic mandible?  And Officer Penhale hosts an open house at the police station - is it the event of the century or a complete bust?  

Wednesday 8pm DOC MARTIN: From the Mouths of Babes - Comedy/drama - it's the curmudgeonly doctor with his dubious bedside manner, but he's not the only cranky one. It seems the Doctor has been losing sleep at night.  His son, James Henry now has teeth and he's not afraid to use them!  How will Martin and Louisa deal with the dreaded teething stage?  

Wednesday 8pm DOC MARTIN - Comedy/Drama - Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) and his wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz) are back together in Portwenn with their infant son, James Henry. However, family life proves to be stressful. Will Martin and Louisa be able to cope? 

Sons and Lovers

Jan 23, 2019

 Wednesday 8pm The popular British drama DOC MARTIN is back for an eighth season as Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) and his wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz) are back together in Portwenn with their infant son, James Henry. However, family life proves to be stressful. Will Martin and Louisa be able to cope?

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8pm DOC MARTIN: Facta Non Verba - Comedy/Drama - After a failed date night, the question remains... are Martin and Louisa compatible?   

8pm DOC MARTIN: Other People's Children - Comeday/Drama - Though the therapy sessions are progressing well Martin is annoyed when Louisa's old flame Danny returns to the area, leading a group of city kids on a camping holiday

Seven Grumpy Seasons

Nov 27, 2018

DOC MARTIN IS GRUMPIER THAN EVER!  DOC MARTIN: Seven Grumpy Seasons goes behind the scenes with the cast and crew during the filming of season 7 in the picturesque seaside village of Port Isaac. 

8pm DOC MARTIN SEASON PREMIERE! Rescue Me - Comedy/Drama

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!  The long awaited return of Doc Martin is finally here!  And none to soon, as we have heard from our viewers who have been waiting patiently for their Doctor's appointment.  So here it is...

The drama about a curmudgeonly country doctor and his patients in Cornwall returns for a new season. Martin returns to Portwenn, but without Louisa. She has gone to stay with her mother in Spain to take some time out to think, and Martin is left wondering if she will ever come back. Aunt Ruth has found him a therapist, but life in Portwenn continues to get in the doc's way - in the form of Steve Baker and his lifeboat training exercise. Steve and his assistant Barry are supposed to be helping Al get everything ready for the guests' arrival, but the pair are never there and the walls still need plastering. Al cannot rely on his father for help as Bert has taken the hump. Morwenna cannot help either as her flatmate Janice has roped them both into the lifeboat training exercise. Then Steve collapses, and the training exercise becomes all too real as Martin and PC Penhale race out to sea.

Holidays got you feeling sluggish and overwhelmed?  Make an appointment with the dubious doctor on Wednesday night at 8.  He'll have you laughing until your sides hurt.  

8pm - DOC MARTIN: Going Bodmin - Comedy/Drama

8pm DOC MARTIN: Of All The Harbors In All The Towns - Comedy/Drama  

8pm DOC MARTIN: The Portwenn Effect - Comedy/Drama 


Doc Martin Revealed - Comedy/Behind-the Scenes 

Revealed features behind-the-scenes footage from the  DOC MARTIN series (Season 6) shot on location in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England. Viewers get inside access to the actors and crew as they film sequences on the balcony at Large's Restaurant and in the nearby pub that doubles for the Crab & Lobster.