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Sheng Guo was among the first people in South Florida to experience the impact of COVID-19. He grew up near Wuhan, China, where the virus started. He lives in Weston now, but his parents and grandmother still live close to Wuhan. Guo is an economics instructor at FIU.


Stimulus payments are going out. Small businesses have applied for emergency loans.


There is more than $2 trillion the federal government has OK'd to help save the U.S. economy. And more is likely to be approved as communities debate when and how to reopen parts of the economy shut down in the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.


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The economic consequences of efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are becoming clear. A half million people in Florida have filed for unemployment in just three weeks. And that’s just the people who were captured by the government data. There are others who have been turned back by the state unemployment website and its failures.

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South Florida’s real estate industry earnings for those selling and leasing commercial and residential spaces shrank in recent years, according to a study by LeadMD.

But some local real estate pioneers say their experiences tell a different story.

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Florida's economy is booming by most economic metrics. The unemployment rate is near a record low. Over 125 million tourists will visit the state this year. And property values are still growing, even though the pace has slowed.


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About 100 citizen activists gathered in Fort Lauderdale in the rain Monday night for an open forum about quality of life issues and development. 

“We may be under water tonight, but I promise what you hear will not be watered down,” Stan Eichelbaum told the crowd under tents at the Historic Stranahan House Museum. 


Stranahan House
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In Fort Lauderdale, how much to build – or not build – is a central question. It comes up regularly in public comment, city commission meetings and local government. 

While some people like the city's changing skyline, there are several citizens' groups that push back against the idea of over-development.

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We don’t celebrate economic birthdays because the tools used to measure the economy aren’t precise enough to pinpoint specific milestones. Yet it is worth noting, as of the week ahead, the U.S. economy has been expanding for 10 years. It marks the longest economic expansion in American history.

That deserves some recognition. Impressive? Sure. Meaningful? Not really.

City of Fort Lauderdale
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The economy in Fort Lauderdale doesn't sleep. And now the city has a team in place to oversee, and even improve on that reality: The "NITE" Team. 

The woman leading the NITE Team is Fort Lauderdale's Nighttime Economy Manager Sarah Hannah-Spurlock. 

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South Florida may have offered Amazon more than $500 million in job incentives to bring its HQ2 project to the region. 

We just don't know for sure.

Fort Lauderdale
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The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance helped bring more than 870 new jobs to Broward County over the last fiscal year. 

That's fewer jobs than the nearly 2,000 added the year before. 

The figures are from the public/private economic development partnership's annual report, which was released Thursday night.

Bob Swindell is President and CEO of The Alliance. Despite the dip, he said job growth in the county is steady. 

President Trump's proposed budget released Tuesday rests on a key assumption: The economy will grow much faster than it has in recent years — and at a more robust pace than most analysts predict.