Fidel Castro

One week after the latest rumors of his death, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has emerged — sort of — in a letter he's said to have written.

How Cuba Nearly Joined The Nuclear Club

Oct 15, 2012

Recent research and a new book by the son of a Soviet insider are putting the Cuban Missile Crisis of a half century ago in a scary new light. Juan Tamayo of the Miami Herald reports we were closer to nuclear war than we have realized. Here's the part about the 98 nuclear missiles that Nikita Khrushchev almost left with Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro Death Rumors Are A Familiar Story

Oct 12, 2012

Social media has been abuzz today with rumors that Fidel Castro might be dead. As The Miami Herald reports:

Rumors of the retired leader’s alleged passing had been circulating online since Sunday, when Castro did not congratulate Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez on winning reelection.