homeless count

Phillip Pessar/Flickr

Palm Beach County's Homeless and Housing Alliance and several non-profit organizations say they counted 1,510 homeless individuals and families during the annual homeless point-in-time count.

Seniors, who make up 12 percent of the total homeless population, are experiencing a 43 percent increase in homelessness — according to a statement following the count.

Caitie Switalski / WLRN

Fort Lauderdale and Broward County were named in the top 'largely suburban' communities in the country last year for the number of people experiencing homelessness, the chronically homless, and homeless veterans. 

That's according to the newly released report from the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development. 


On any given night there are over 2,000 homeless people in Broward County - a number that has been cut in half over the past eight years, according to the county’s Point-In-Time Count (PIT).

The count is an annual survey of people sleeping on the streets and in homeless shelters in a single night. It is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The information collected from the survey does not only give a brief snapshot of homelessness in Broward, but it also helps HUD determine how to fund the areas homeless services.